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Workshop: The Gift of Accountability: How to Respond When Someone Calls You In/Out for Causing Harm

We all do it - say or do something, often unintentionally, that causes harm to someone. Maybe it's just a slip of the tongue or a microaggression. Sometimes, we're lucky and an ally intervenes to let us know what we did that caused harm and why. This is an act of generosity and creates an opportunity for personal growth and connection and how it’s received determines the outcome of the conversation. So, how do you accept the gift of accountability in a way that fosters trust? This 2-hour workshop will address best practices for engaging in accountability conversations when you've been called in/out for causing harm. Participants will leave with a toolkit of strategies that can be utilized in a variety of conversations.

Learning Outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will be better prepared to:

  • Sit with, rather than run from, the discomfort of accountability conversations.

  • Listen to feedback without getting defensive.

  • Engage in uncomfortable conversations that foster trust.

  • Extend grace to yourself when you make mistakes.

  • Navigate difficult conversations about other topics.

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