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DEI Student Spotlight: Nicole McMullen

May. 3, 2021
portrait of Nicole McMullen

​​​​​​For the May DEI Student Spotlight we are featuring Nicole McMullen who is an undergraduate student majoring in Agriscience Education in the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL). Nicole is also a member of MANRRS.

What’s your field of study?
Agriscience Education 

How do you plan to use your degree in CFAES in your career?
I plan to use my career to help others reach their full potential and pursue their passion. Whether that be as a classroom educator or even outside the classroom in industry.

What challenges have you faced while on the road toward achieving your goals?
There have been a variety of challenges I've faced to reach my goals. One of the most consistent challenges is that of finances to cover tuition, housing, and other essentials. It has required me to ensure I apply for scholarships and work multiple jobs, as to prevent a lot of student debt.

What has helped you thrive toward your goals? 
One thing that has helped me thrive toward my goals is my seven-year-old sister, KaElla. I want to show her it does not matter where you started or what you have. All that matters is that you put in the work and you will achieve what you set out to do.

What experiences as a member of the CFAES community have helped shape you as a person? 
As a member of the CFAES community, the greatest experience that shaped me was my first two years at the Ohio State Wooster Campus. I was able to meet a variety of individuals that had diverse connections to agriculture that furthered my passion to be in the agriculture industry. Furthermore, I was introduced to the professional development organizations Agriculture Future of America (AFA) and Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS).

What can the college do to continue to create an inclusive environment? 
The College can continue to have open discussions and offer workshops for students to be educated on how to be more inclusive.

What ways do you suggest that someone could get involved in DEI work in the college? Where do you wish more people would get involved?  
Someone can get more involved with DEI work by attending the different events hosted by the Multicultural Center. I wish more people would be involved with MANRRS. This organization offers a different perspective of agriculture, reminding us there is more than production agriculture.