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Talking About Race

Talking About Race

Racial healing is a process that aims for wholeness in individuals, communities, and society; it repairs the damage caused by racism and transforms societal structures into ones that affirm the inherent value of all people. This process provides an opportunity to acknowledge and speak the truth about past wrongs created by individual and systemic racism and address present-day consequences for people, communities and institutions. Racial healing benefits all people because, regardless of background, we are all living in and impacted by the narratives and conditions present throughout this increasingly interconnected and racialized world. To appreciate our shared humanity, build authentic relationships capable of transforming communities and institutions while achieving justice and well-being for all children.

One way to participate is by inviting your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to your home or in your workplace to have a conversation about the purpose of the day. Try to invite people you know well or not so well and those who may come from a different background or hold different perspectives. Many people would like to talk about the impacts of racism and the need for racial healing in our country, but don’t know where to start. Some worry that others won’t understand their points of view or what they say might be offensive to others. This guide created by the National Day of Racial healing can help you begin to have a conversation, despite these very real challenges.

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