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Resources for Student Parents

ACCESS Collaborative Program

The ACCESS Collaborative Program, which was established in 1989, was created to enable single parent students with custody of their children to earn an undergraduate degree and find employment suitable to their academic preparation. The program coordinates university and community support services to meet the single parents' needs as students and heads of household. The ACCESS Collaborative Program welcomes both male and female undergraduate single parent students who are either full-time or part-time students at Ohio State. ACCESS Collaborative offers students three categories of involvement with corresponding services dependent on the level of participation. To find out about eligibility and services offered please visit the ACCESS Collaborative website.

Help get the word out about the ACCESS Collaborative Program to student parents or those who serve them. You can help by: 1) add a link about childcare resources to your student services web page, 2) include an announcement in your unit newsletter, and/or 3) encourage faculty to include a note in their syllabus or Carmen page.

Support for Pregnancy and Related Conditions

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is a centralized resource for students and employees seeking supportive measures for pregnancy and related conditions. OIE Civil Rights Intake Coordinators can help to identify and request appropriate individualized supportive measures. If there is a medical need, OIE can partner with Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) and/or Integrated Absence Management and Vocational Services (IAMVS) to implement reasonable accommodations. 

You can find a referral form on the OIE website.

This is a request form for supportive measures (e.g., excused absences, time to make up work, extended exam times, breaks, etc.) for pregnancy or related conditions.

This form can be used by reporters to request supportive measures for themselves or refer someone else to who may benefit from supportive measures to OIE.